Y11 Battleplan: In My Classroom

Thought I’d blog a little about some ideas that I’ve been using with Year 11. None of these are original ideas; most are stolen from fabulous people who tweet and/ or blog but tweaked to suit the needs of my group.

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AQA Accredited Assessment Analysis

The lovely Just Maths is busy analysing the differences between the originally released assessment materials and those recently accredited by OFQUAL. As doing this for our board AQA was on my to-do list I volunteered to share the load. You’ll have to forgive some shabby presentations as I’m still a newbie when it comes to the iPad!

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Musical Spearman’s Rank

Thought I’d blog about the lesson I use to teach Spearman’s Rank after a bit of interest on Twitter.  I’m about to use this lesson with top set Y11 who are studying for GCSE Higher Statistics.  The basis of the lesson is to see how well pupil’s musical taste is correlated with the Great British Public’s taste and this is how it goes…

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