My Favourite Resources: Maths Resource Websites

My go-to sites for planning. Wonderful people sharing wonderful resources. The best of the time-savers!


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My Favourite Resources: Videos for Maths

I love breaking up teaching by showing a quick YouTube clip to enrich or enthuse pupils on a particular topic, to help cement key facts or just for a bit of light relief. Here is a collation of my favourites. If I’ve missed any leave me a comment! Read More

A shape problem to get your teeth into…

I’ve spent part of my day working on this problem, so thought I should blog about it.

A colleague had set an investigation for his Year 9 class to find the biggest tetrahedron that could be fit into a cube of side length 3cm.  In itself, this is a nice problem which pupils attempted initially via trial and improvement before realising that they could incorporate some Pythagoras’ calculations to help.  Pupils made models and hence practiced their skills of construction. Ace.  Fantastic.  Then another colleague who teaches the parallel Year 9 top set to me (NC levels 7a to 8a) began to think about how we could extend this task for our groups. That’s where it got more interesting…

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