AQA Accredited Assessment Analysis

The lovely Just Maths is busy analysing the differences between the originally released assessment materials and those recently accredited by OFQUAL. As doing this for our board AQA was on my to-do list I volunteered to share the load. You’ll have to forgive some shabby presentations as I’m still a newbie when it comes to the iPad!

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AQA Unit 1 Foundation

My Year 10’s are preparing to sit AQA Unit 1 in November.  They have previously sat Unit 2 and currently about half are on a grade C and half on a grade D.  They have mastered the basics of the content but are struggling with the more functional aspects and questions which ask them to explain or interpret.  They are at the “read and panic” stage so I wanted to devise an activity where they could work with their peers and increase their confidence whilst learning from others.

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