Creativity and Challenge in the Classroom

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to a course that Ed Southall was running for his ITE students at Huddersfield Uni. This was being led by Don Steward. If you’re sat there reading this and saying “who?” you need to go and look at his excellent MEDIAN website¬†which is full to the brim of challenging and rich activities ready for use in the classroom. Why are you still here? Go. And. Look. You back? I know! The best thing since sliced bread, right? No need to thank me. Needless to say Saturday was amazing so I wanted to jot down some thoughts.

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National Maths Conference, September 2014

This Saturday saw the second National Maths Conference in Kettering hosted by Mark McCourt (@emaths) and La Salle Education, sponsored by AQA. It was great to catch up with what are quickly becoming old friends & meet some lovely, inspirational people who have only previously existed in the form of Twitter avatars. They’re real!.

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