Some Thoughts on…Improving Written Feedback

Like many teachers I set myself a new academic year resolution every September. Last year I knew that the quality and frequency of my marking needed improvement so I wanted to achieve this without making my workload onerous.

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Meta Menu for Feedback

I took this idea from an INSET day we had with Barry Hymer (visit his website here – highly recommended for staff training, he’s done a few sessions with us and they’re always inspiring and full of practical advice) who has been doing a lot of training with us on the subject of open-mindsets. We need a specific, teaching and learning focus for our school’s co-coaching programme this year so I’ve gone with feedback and specifically the use of the “Meta Menu”.

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

Part of our INSET today was AFL training and we were introduced to some Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and strategies.  I’ve never come across NLP before, although a few of the individual strategies have passed across my radar from as far back as my PGCE and I’m pretty sure that, like a lot of AFL strategies, some are already being used in my classroom.

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