GCSE Maths Revision: Using visual prompts

Today I rolled out one of my favourite revision activities with one of my Year 11 group; using visual prompts. I’m always amazed how well these lessons go, so thought it was worth blogging about. I can take no credit for coming up with idea, I magpied it several years ago and have been using it ever since with groups of all abilities.

These lessons are super easy to prep as long as you’re prepared to “go with the flow” in terms of how the lesson progresses. The concept is simple;

1) Provide pupils with a diagram they may see on a GCSE paper

2) Ask them to jot down questions they may be asked about the diagram

3) Share these questions as a class and summarise on the board

4) Working in pairs or teams attempt to answer all the questions, which are possible? Are any impossible to answer? Why? What other information would you need before you could answer them?

5) I adapt questions as pupils contribute to refine the wording which you can see in green in the photo below

6) To tie the lesson together, I get pupils to answer the actual original exam question individually

The problems I am using here can be found here. The lovely Suffolk Maths also has sets which you can find here (just below Keyword Scrabble).

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