#teacherpledge 2016

So the ever lovely Emma Bell created this hashtag over on Twitter (read about her epiphany here). This is something I’m pretty sure we all do every year but anyway it got me thinking about what my Teacher Pledge(s) would be for this academic year. Most of them are quite selfishly about looking after me; nothing is more important than work-life balance particularly in a job like ours where the to-do list is NEVER done. 

Pledge 1

I pledge to disconnect my work email account from my phone. We have school provided iPads. If I’m working, I’m using that; that’s work time. Anything else is not. No more will I reply to emails at the dinner table/ in the cinema/ when out with friends. 

Pledge 2

I pledge to have designated me-time. This is a continuation rather than a new pledge but it worked well for me last year; one day every weekend will be a no-work zone. 

Pledge 3

I pledge to be literally “saved by the bell”. I’m an early bird…actually I’m really not but I’m at work by 7.15/7.30 ish every day. I do this to minimise time wasted on my 20 mile commute by avoiding the rush hour traffic. I will leave as close to the bell as I can unless I have a meeting commitment. And woe betide anyone who judges me for it! 

OK two for the pupils…

Pledge 4

I pledge to be better at marking your books. I know I was slack last year. I won’t be this year. 

Pledge 5

I pledge to not rush my A-level planning. I will take time to look around for new (and better) resources rather than reel out a safe and dusty lesson that’s been re-used for the past 5 years. 

So; what’s  your #teacherpledge? 

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