A Maths Game: In The Bin

You’ll need:

A dice (preferably 0-9)

A competitive class

How it works

This was introduced to me as a place value game for low ability. They write 5 boxes in a row (to represent a 5 digit number) and a bin. You roll the die 6 times. Each number must be put in either a box or the bin as soon as it is called. Aim is to make the biggest/ smallest/ closest to a predetermined value. 

Possible Alternatives

I’ve used this for a variety of topics with the same premise. One number “in the bin” in all cases. All that changes in each case is how many boxes and the layout 

– written methods 

– four rules with fractions

– powers/ rules of indices

– solving equations. 

I’ll pad this post out with some sketches as soon as I can but I wanted to explain to the people following #mathscpdchat tonight 😃


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