Head of Department Interviews

Many thanks to people who provided possible questions to help me prepare for a Head of Department interview earlier this week. I was unsuccessful for the post but, as someone who’s struggled quite horrifically in the past with interview nerves, did give the best interview I’ve ever given in my opinion. Someone asked if I could record the questions suggested so here they are in the hope that they’ll be useful to others.


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How would you ensure our department’s data was robust and secure? @tryagaintoday

What are the features of an outstanding department? @workedgechaos

Something about parental complaints/ supporting failing colleagues and leadership style @fatfonzi

How would you tackle underperformance of colleagues? @jessica_r_b

How do you foresee assessment without levels affecting the department @tryagaintoday

How will you increase consistency without increasing workload?
How will you deal with staff who are not meeting expectations? @mrbenward

Your 2nd in department refuses to support one of your initiatives; what do you do? @workedgechaos

How would you embed numeracy in a cross-curricular way? @tryagaintoday

What do you think the biggest challenges that this school faces in terms of improving Maths outcomes for students? @workedgechaos

Something about ensuring staff add reasonable, reflective and constructive comments on reports.
Managing senior staff within the department who don’t come to meetings @hrogerson

Tell us about an initiative you’ve led and how it was successful. How was impact measured? @jessica_r_b

What are your ambitions? @hrogerson

How would your students describe you? @el_timbre

What actions would you take having received several parental complaints about a teacher in your department and the progress of their children? @miss_j_hart

How will you use data to drive up standards? @mrssevansybe

How do you make sure all L3s achieve 3 LOP?
How would you assess your current department?
What is your contribution to current results at your school?
What old you do if asked to do something you disagreed with?
How do you make sure x% get to Grade A/ 9?
What would you communicate to your department as your priorities?
What would your response be to a teacher not following SoW but achieving good results?
What are your current CPD needs?
How would you close the gap between PP and non PP pupils?

How do you deal with a member of your department you suspected of intimidating students?
What is your vision for the department and how will you get your team on board?
Two teachers in your department have been rated as requiring improvement. Talk us through your action plan…
…your action plan isn’t working. What do you do now?

How will you show trust in your department?
How should SLT show trust in you?

What will a department meeting look like?
Safeguarding question.
How will you ensure progress in others classrooms?
What is a great lesson?
Where will you be in 3 years?
How do you deal with a parent a teacher has upset?
Two members of the department don’t get on. How do you deal with it?
How do you deal with a negative member of staff?
How do you foster a team ethos?
What does KS3 look like? What is it for?
How do you monitor homework?
How do you identify and intervene with underachievement?

What support would you need from SLT to make this the best department in the country? @hibs1974

How will you balance the extra work that comes with this role whilst still maintaining quality in the classroom?
A member of SLT in your department is not meeting deadlines or following procedures. How do you proceed?

Why is important that pupils get a grade C in Maths? What does this mean they can do? @reflectivemaths

Many thanks for the advice. The only questions I was asked which weren’t mentioned above was the standard teaching question of “what extra curricular activities can you offer?” and being asked to reflect on the lesson I delivered as part of the interview process.


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