My Favourite Resources: Christmaths

T’is the season to be jolly/ bah humbug [delete as appropriate] so I thought I’d do a topical post of my favourite resources for the festive season.


Radders rules say no DVD lessons so all pre Christmas classes must involve some Maths. Here’s the best Christmaths activities I’ve found. I’ve given credit where I can remember where I sourced the activities but there are some which have ended up on my hard drive and I’ve no idea who to credit; if it’s you please let me know and I’ll rectify!

Who killed Santa? This resource from the NCETM is a nice problem solving activity suitable for a wide range of years and abilities

Ed Southall You can follow Ed on Twitter; he has made some lovely resources and shared them here

Christmas Advent Calendars The NRich website publishes an annual advent calendar, their 2014 one is here and you can find older versions here.

10 ticks I’m not a fan of giving pupils the massively long 10 ticks sheets but do use them to crop a few questions to use in class. They have some nice Xmas activities here

Starters A series of Mathematical starter activities from Transum.

12 Days of Christmas A favourite investigation for Maths teachers. I particularly like the resources available on the Sparky Teaching Website.

Calculus Carol Just because…lyrics are here. Anyone fancy making a YouTube video with their Sixth Formers?

Number Loving One of my favourite resource websites has a Christmas Collection bursting at the seams with seasonal awesomeness.

Christmas Origami I seem to remember I found these quite tricky but I’m useless at the crafty stuff. Attempt to make Santa, Reindeer and a Star

3D snowflakes These look fabulous particularly if made in Christmassy colours. Can be hung as Christmas decorations after!

Santa’s Reindeer Problem A problem suitable for KS3 or KS4; pupils will need to use their knowledge of the properties of numbers to solve it. You don’t because the solution is here too! For lower ability pupils this help sheet may help to scaffold the problem.

Xmas Transformations This is a quite challenging transformation review activity which draws a Christmas Tree.

Santa’s Deliveries One for the more able pupil. An investigation using standard form in calculations.


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