My Favourite Resources: Classroom displays

I’ve got so many good ideas from Twitter for great displays I decided that this would be the year I made the most of my “learning space” *cringe*. Most of these ideas are magpied from Twitter but I thought I’d bring them all together here for anyone who may have missed them

I wrote about my Maths Bunting (credit to Jess) here and I love the way it looks in my classroom. In fact I need more to fill the ceiling space. As always you can rely on the lovely JustMaths to provide. Her key vocabulary bunting will be going up shortly.


Whilst we’re on the subject of JustMaths her Voweless and Periodic Table of Maths displays are too good to be hidden away in a classroom, so we’re putting them up in the corridor in time for Open Evening. I swear the woman doesn’t sleep.

I love MathsMagpie What’s Gone Wrong resource. I’ve had one printed on A3 and laminated for each teaching group and I update the error every couple of weeks.


I also have the “What to do if you’re stuck” poster around the room


My homework laminates were stolen from a colleague and have now been stolen by most of my department. Coupled with the spare worksheets folder underneath nobody has an excuse for not completing homework, absent when it’s set or not!!


I find the Takeaway Homework idea fascinating in the sense that it gives pupils choice and control of their own learning but I am a little unsure how well it translates to Maths. Some I’ve seen appear gimmicky for the sake of it rather than rooted in good learning. I’ve found a happy medium with my version:


No classroom is complete without offering the opportunity to “geekify” pupils. This is my Maths library. I happily lend these out to pupils (perhaps the only books I own where I’m not completely obsessive about broken spines!) I’ve managed to suck a few pupils into Maths geekdom simply by lending them a book for silent reading in English when they’ve forgotten theirs. Ssshh. Don’t tell English 😉


LOVE LOVE LOVE making the most of every surface. Don’t know where I’d be without my window pens. I use these ones.


Probably the most rotating display is this one about Maths in the News. I try to put up at least one new thing every week. Pupils get really into some of them. They like the How Popular is Your Birthday infographic and last week I out up the ONS infographic about popularity of boys and girls names.


Each class group has their own space where I display pupil work as well as their post-it promises grid. Next job is to take and out up class photos so that they really feel the space is theirs.
[ASIDE: the number line has since been removed. Perhaps controversial but a discussion with a colleague convinced me we need to be teaching pupils coping strategies they can use anywhere such as visualisation of a number line or use of a ruler – we’ll see how pupils cope this year]


There are a few pieces of AWESOME pupil work from past years which I refuse to take down. This was done by a Y8 for Pi Day last year when I asked for a piece of display work about Pi. And yes; it is accurate.


I’ve set up this progress line for my Y11s to help them focus on their target grades and edging towards them. We have 2 sets of mock exams over the course of the year. We’ll move “them” along the line after each one.


Finally on a non Maths note. I really likes Ms Kmp’s pastoral idea for target setting which she blogged about here. I adapted the look a little for my pupils but the gist is the same. We’ll reflect on the targets every term. Note: if you’re doing this don’t expect the pupils to be able to write the correct way up on the thumbs down card without explicit instructions 😉




  1. Faith L · July 5, 2018

    Hey, thanks so much for this I love some of these ideas and will be using them! Any chance you have a copy of the last one (target setting for pastoral group) as would really like to use this with my form

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