AQA Accredited Assessment Analysis

The lovely Just Maths is busy analysing the differences between the originally released assessment materials and those recently accredited by OFQUAL. As doing this for our board AQA was on my to-do list I volunteered to share the load. You’ll have to forgive some shabby presentations as I’m still a newbie when it comes to the iPad!

I’m sure Mel will upload these to the Just Maths blog as soon as she can along with all her hard work for Edexcel and OCR. In the meantime this Dropbox folder had 3 annotated exam papers for each tier and a document for each tier detailing questions removed since the original papers were released. It’s worth noting that a lot of the ordering has changed with simpler questions being moved to a more logical place towards the start of papers and multi-step problems towards the end. I haven’t annotated all of these movements as the key thing is whether the questions are still there! Some questions have been shifted between papers too, presumably just to maintain the correct mark total for each paper

I hope these are useful, even if a little scruffy round the edges!



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