My Favourite Resources: Maths Resource Websites

My go-to sites for planning. Wonderful people sharing wonderful resources. The best of the time-savers!


Don Steward MEDIAN blog
My new top pick; loads of great ideas for teaching and resources. Don’t miss his other site for GCSE resources.

Rather sadly has turned into a subscription site recently but we’ll worth the small annual cost for a school login. An array of bingo games, treasure hunts and the wonderful Settler activities for starters which win the award for making a class silent better than any other resource I’ve found! Also love the “4 Question Starters” for Foundation and Higher which are great to keep the key topics “ticking over” throughout the year.

Available from the above Mathsbox site for a separate (one off) cost. Pupils love working on these in pairs and they cover all GCSE grades.

PRET homeworks
Love this website with lots of PRET homeworks maintained by @mathsjem. PRET stands for practice, recall, extend and think. Drop by and download a couple to try, even better; contribute some of your own. Sharing is caring!

Number Loving
Great resources, searchable by topic and an array of different activity styles.

Mr Barton’s Tarsia Bundles
I love a good Tarsia for consolidation of a topic with peer support. Worth always checking this collection before you make your own; there’s usually one that fits your need but if not it’s easier to make small tweaks to an existing Tarsia than create one from scratch!

Make them think! Great problems, use the topic selector or curriculum mappings to find one suitable for your current topic/ class

Rich Starting Points for A-Level. Don’t miss the sister sites Making Statistics Vital (for S1 and S2) and Carom Maths (for bridging KS5 and University study – useful for creating challenge for the most able Mathematicians)

Inquiry Maths
A selection of prompts for learning covering many topics. Great for discussion and pupil-led learning

Diagnostic Questions
My new go-to site for quality plenary questions with built in misconceptions. I like the function to download your selected questions as a PDF file and sometimes set these as homework; stressing the importance of Mathematical justification on the “explanation” lines

Just Maths
A wide selection of free resources are here, all well-designed and a variety of activity styles.

I Love Maths Games – Puzzle of the Week
Does what it says on the tin. Good starter or extra optional challenge for a reward.

Transum – Starter of the Day
Great for sourcing a quick starter or bell activity. I tend to use the topic search to find one which fits in with current learning rather than just go with the one assigned to today’s date.

Corbett Maths- 5 a day
Great revision/ consolidation tool for GCSE to keep topics fresh and revisited frequently.

Free to register. Lots of great resources sorted by topic collection.



  1. corbettmaths · August 27, 2014

    Thank you very much for the mention!!!

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