Maths Bunting

I tweeted asking for ideas to rejuvenate my tired looking classroom before we start our new academic year on monday (eek!). I had a reply from Jessica Hocking with a great idea about Maths Bunting. I loved how hers look so set about spending half-term sewing in front of the TV… thought it was worth blogging about how I made mine in case any of you want to get crafty!


bunting 1

Here’s the photo that Jessica sent me of her bunting made from old textbooks:

bunting jess


You will need



Paper & printer or old textbooks/ Maths calendars/ magazines

Needle and thread

Bunting tape or ribbon


How to make the bunting

1) I found a selection of Maths photos online and overlaid a triangular template & simply printed these on normal printer paper in colour. You can find my photos in this (rather large!) file. NB: Some photos didn’t come out as well as others – I haven’t edited the file so you may wish to be selective about which your print!

2) Cut out the triangular bunting shapes. If you’re hanging your bunting from a ceiling you’ll need to glue these back to back, if you’re hanging against a wall then you can leave them single-sided.

3) Trim off any over-hanging edges that don’t quite match.

4) Sew the bunting ribbon along the base of the triangles. I’m not a good sewer but this is really straightforward sewing; it doesn’t even need to be too neat as long as you’re hanging it high enough for it not to be inspected! I sewed into lengths of 8 triangles to make it easier to hang.

5) Ta-dah. Bunting!


I hung my bunting this week and I’m really pleased with the way it looks. It’s hard to get a decent photo (I can’t handle the panoramic mode on my phone camera!) I’m hoping it will generate lots of discussion in lessons…

If you get creative please tweet me a photo to @missradders and I’ll create a little gallery!

photo (3)




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