My Favourite Resources: Publications for Maths Teaching

The first in a series of new posts about my favourite resources.  Thought I’d dedicate the first to physical resources and books which I couldn’t live without.


Jill Whiledon’s great books of Murder mysteries are great for end of topic revision or perfect to leave a class for a cover lesson to review learning.  There are currently 3 books in the series Murder Mysteries (which I use at both KS3 and KS4), More Murder Mysteries (again both Key stages) and Junior Murder Mysteries for lower ability or Primary


Vivian Lucas’ books are less routine practice than Jill’s.  Sets of 12 clue cards for pupils to work on in teams, cover a wide range of topics and each activity gives suggested age range.  Promotes problem solving and communication (both written and verbal).  The books can be purchased here Team Games and, again for lower ability or Primary Junior Team Games


Mathematical Merry-go-round has some great activities for starters or plenaries which can be used for the topic given or adapted for any topic with a little work

This Treasure Hunt book is great for an end of term activity or they can be set up in a Sports or Assembly Hall for larger groups.

There is a special bulk purchase of the above 2 and the team games books on the Tarquin website

The ATM books Rich Tasks 1 and Rich Tasks 2 have some great ideas for investigations

Similar to the Team Games series, ATM’s We Can Work it Out is aimed at Primary but I’ve used with lower ability KS3 too.  Book 1 and Book 2 (which I didn’t know existed!)

Also of use for grab and go resources are ATM’s books which use games as a basis for learning; both Algebra and Geometry are available – I prefer the former

One resource I have handy at all times for a quick 5-10 minute activity are ATMs Fourbidden Cards which are basically a Mathematical form of the taboo game where you have to describe a keyword without using the four words given on the card, unfortunately only available in PDF now rather than physical card packs: Set 1 and Set 2.


Would love to hear about your favourite purchased resource that you couldn’t live without…


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