Y11 Post Mock Exam #5minplan: Pupil Self Evaluation

exam pic

I love the 5 minute lesson plan by @teachertoolkit and the 5 minute marking plan and the 5 minute results analysis…oh heck, I just love the whole series which you can access and download here. They’re so quick and easy to do and spot on for fast focused thinking and quickly highlighting problems or things lacking in a given plan. Y11 are about to take their mocks and I wanted them to be able to quickly analyse their results but with some guided focus…

So I’ve shamelessly “borrowed” (read as stolen/ plagiarised) the #5minplan format and come up with this document. I’ve tried to think through the key areas that I wanted pupils to focus on in 2 main strands: curriculum knowledge and exam technique. The second slide in the file has some prompts which I intend to show pupils in order to help them make the most of the self-evaluation opportunity.

I’d be grateful for any comments, feedback or ideas for improvement. The plan has a Maths focus but if you adapt for a different subject please share it with me and I’ll link it from this post.

Thanks to @cazz_taggart who has shared this version of the 5 minute reflection adapted for Geography along with this guidance sheet.

I’ve been really impressed with how well pupils have used this document to reflect on their practice and how to improve. I’m getting useful feedback in terms of how to support individual students as well as common themes in the group. Here are some examples from my Y11 set 3 (FFTd targets A-C)








  1. Emma D · October 1, 2015

    Love this idea. Thanks for sharing

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