My Favourite Resources: Videos for Maths

I love breaking up teaching by showing a quick YouTube clip to enrich or enthuse pupils on a particular topic, to help cement key facts or just for a bit of light relief. Here is a collation of my favourites. If I’ve missed any leave me a comment!

Circle Song
A great and catchy way to get pupils to memorise the formulae for area and circumference

Pi with Pies
What’s not to love…

My Triangle
Ranks highly on the cheese scale. A definite light relief clip!

Wisdom of Crowds
I tend to use this when teaching mean from a grouped frequency table – get pupils to estimate the weight/ height of an item and then calculate the mean…how close can they get to the actual value as a mean?

Joy of Stats – Use of Averages
I adore Hans Rosling and this little clip is a good hook to show pupils the importance of Statistic whilst bringing in some cross-curricular links with Geography, History and Citizenship. Always opens up great class discussions

Joy of Stats – Average Legs
Again another great hook for Handling Data. How many legs do humans have on average?

A-Level Mechanics F=ma
Great song by a teacher from a local school. I’m always a little jealous of how big their FM classes are!

What Pi sounds like
Answer: pretty good

What Tau sounds like
Answer: Better than pi

Donald In Mathland
Great 1959 Disney film for end of term Mathematical movie goodness

Monty Hall
More Marcus du Sautoy and Alan Davies for Probability

Mr Numbervators Starters
There are 4 of these videos – all great for quick lesson starters

Father of the Bride – LCM

Via @mathsjem this clip is a great hook for HCF/ LCM lesson. 


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