Leeds MathsJam – February 2013

It’s over a year since the first Leeds MathsJam, I was there and I’ve recently agreed to co-organise the Leeds events. So whats the deal?

MathsJams are a social gathering of like-minded Maths enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds, some are teachers, others work in IT, Finance. We even get physicists but we just ignore them (joke). MathsJams happen simultaneously in towns and cities across the UK on the penultimate Tuesday of each month. At first I was wary that it would be to high-brow for me but what I’ve found is a bunch of friendly, geeky lovelies who all share a passion for our wonderful subject.

I’ve really enjoyed getting involved, meeting new people and learning new things. I’ve developed a border line addiction to the game SET and cemented the knowledge that I’m useless at anything practical (origami needs folding and coordination skills I seem not to possess).

My advice, find your local MathsJam today (or set one up of it doesn’t exist) and get yourself along.

This month we made Calendar Hexaflexagons which, along with a variety of other origami calendars can be found here, played SET and tackled some other puzzles and problems I collated for the evening. Links to our problems for this month are here and here


For full details of MathsJam meetings click here

If you’re interested in attending the Leeds MathsJam please follow us on Twitter @leedsmathsjam or email us leeds@mathsjam.com to be added to our mailing list. Our next meeting is 19th March, 7pm at White Swan near the City Varieties.


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