Meta Menu for Feedback

I took this idea from an INSET day we had with Barry Hymer (visit his website here – highly recommended for staff training, he’s done a few sessions with us and they’re always inspiring and full of practical advice) who has been doing a lot of training with us on the subject of open-mindsets. We need a specific, teaching and learning focus for our school’s co-coaching programme this year so I’ve gone with feedback and specifically the use of the “Meta Menu”.

This idea struck me with its simplicity and ease of use. I should give credit here to Paul Bytheway who designed the original version (all I have done to adapt it is add short references for pupils to refer to quickly without oodles of rewriting and removed a question which wasn’t really relevant to Maths).

The idea is simply this: a menu of questions for pupils to reflect on and answer. Starters for the start of a lesson, Mains for the main part and Desserts for the plenary. Pupils pick one when directed and answer it.

I need to think through the logistics of how to use this in the classroom fully and how I will then utilise and react to the information pupils give. I’ve made laminated versions that I can have to hand in the classroom and pull out whenever I need them.

Would love to hear your ideas and comments in the comments box.

A note here: Barry did say he had permission from the author for us to use this freely, if this isn’t the case or if anyone knows Paul and can ask him (I can’t seem to get anywhere with Google), I’m happy to take this post down if it causes offence or breaches copyright.



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