Ratio Rich Task

I’ve adapted a Rich task on ratio I found on the East Midlands Maths page for our KS3 Scheme of Work recently.  I’ve used this with pupils tackling in groups, although it could also be a paired activity.

The task introduces/ assesses pupils basic knowledge of ratio and proportion in the context of mixing red and white paint to make Pink Paint.The basis of the task is a card matching activity – I’ve tried to add in some common misconceptions and ensure that the groups are unequal in amount of cards. For some groups pupils may have to draw matching pictures. As a second part of the activity I ask pupils to rank their sets from the darkest to the lightest shade.

I also created an extension task which feeds nicely into splitting quantities in a given ratio.

Let me know what you think if you use this by leaving a comment below.



  1. srcav · January 2, 2013

    An interesting idea which I intend to us when we get back!

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