AQA Unit 1 Foundation

My Year 10’s are preparing to sit AQA Unit 1 in November.  They have previously sat Unit 2 and currently about half are on a grade C and half on a grade D.  They have mastered the basics of the content but are struggling with the more functional aspects and questions which ask them to explain or interpret.  They are at the “read and panic” stage so I wanted to devise an activity where they could work with their peers and increase their confidence whilst learning from others.

I’ve put together some questions which are similar in format to the ones that are causing them issues.  I intend to deliver this over two hour long lessons (in the same day).  The first lesson will be spent with the pupils completing the questions in a round robin in groups of three.  During the second lesson I will pair up groups to make groups of six and they can discuss their answers and peer assess each other’s work, including how pupils have recorded their working out.  I’ll allow pre-flight checks (where one group can suggest changes to the other’s work before it is marked) and then we’ll discuss as a class.

You can access the resource here:  AQA Unit 1 Foundation


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