Neuro Linguistic Programming

Part of our INSET today was AFL training and we were introduced to some Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and strategies.  I’ve never come across NLP before, although a few of the individual strategies have passed across my radar from as far back as my PGCE and I’m pretty sure that, like a lot of AFL strategies, some are already being used in my classroom.

However, I’m keen to explore it further and see what effect it can have both on my teaching and on pupils’ learning. I’ve decided to take the plunge and use NLP as my AFL Performance Management target and it will also be used as the focus for this years Coaching partnership.  I really liked the sound of some of the techniques and colleagues that have implemented them into their classrooms are very enthusiastic about their effects.  I’ve ordered two books from Amazon on the subject:  NLP for Teachers and NLP Toolkit.  I’ll blog more when I’m fully into the swing and can comment on any effects I see.

In the meantime if any of your are au fait with NLP and have any words of wisdom to impart, please leave a comment.


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